stand up! for the holidays

advent challenge

Improve your posture naturally and boost your energy to feel and look taller, confident and happier this holiday season!

The stress from the season added to your regular stress from work, a sedentary sitting job and bad ergonomics at your home office, have a huge impact on your posture, which can make you look shorter, affect your mood, digestion, circulation and even give you the dreaded back pain.

On top of that, most people tend to abandon healthy habits during the winter, blame the cold weather that keeps you inside and makes you feel sluggish, a global pandemic keeping you in lockdown, or the parade of holiday food and gatherings.

AND while many people who indulge a little too much during the holiday season are able to refocus in January, others never regain the fitness ground they've lost.


The good news is...

It doesn't have to be this way this holiday season!


This is why we created a challenge to teach you exactly how to improve your posture, mindset and nutrition with just 10 to 20 minutes a day and all the support and accountability you need to succeed in just 24 days!

If you're committed to maintaining your health goals, looking tall, proud and confident at the family gatherings, our Advent Challenge is for you!


The Stand up! for the Holidays

Advent Challenge

A 24 Day Challenge that will get you compliments from your family when you show up standing proud, confident, feeling great and ready to enjoy the amazing holiday food with no guilt and without gaining any weight!

benefits from improving your posture

  1. Reduced low back pain

    • Sitting or standing in a slouched position for prolonged periods of time stresses your lower back. 

  2. Increased energy levels

    • When your bones and joints are in correct alignment, it allows the muscles to be used as they’re intended, so you’ll have less fatigue and more energy

  3. Less tension in your shoulders and neck

    • A forward head posture puts strain on the upper back, shoulder, and neck areas

  4. Increased lung capacity

    • If you’re slouching, you’re compressing your lungs, meanwhile If you’re sitting and standing taller, your lungs have more space to expand

  5. Improved circulation and digestion

    • If you’re compressing vital organs, your circulation is poor, and those organs aren’t going to work as well

  6. Better form during your workouts

    • Our posture doesn’t just affect us when we’re sitting and standing, but when we’re exercising, too. For example, having an engaged core and neutral spine during a squat will help prevent injury.


what you get

  • Daily emails providing you with your activity or lesson for the day

  • Three 20-minute workouts per week to build strength and improve your posture

  • Two 5-minute stretching routines per week to improve mobility and support your workouts

  • Weekly nutrition themes and tips to improve your energy and mood

  • Grocery list and 9 Healthy Holiday Recipes

  • Holiday preparation tips to avoid overeating and support your goals while enjoying your favourite treats

  • Weekly accountability and communication with your coaches through our web based or phone app (available for iOS) to support your success!




Video demonstrations with all exercises and stretches



Ask questions and get all the support you need on our FB group & Live chats



You only need your body and a mini band to do the exercises and stretches

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